If You Could Rewrite Your Life Without Limitations, How Would It Look?

If You Could Rewrite Your Life Without Limitations, How Would It Look? 

by Deinno O'Keefe

For so long I embraced limitations. Most of those limitations were self-imposed limitations. These limitations became my excuses and my deterrents. Limitations, like fears, are lies in your life. Where do these limitations even come from? We shout out, “I’m not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, tall enough, pretty enough, fit enough, athletic enough.” I could go on and on.  Some of you walk around with the weight of other people’s opinions on your shoulders. Some of you have accepted a limitation that isn’t yours, but instead have accepted a limitation based on what has happened to you. Here is the problem: the limitations you embrace will regulate the beauty of the story you write. Every day we are penning another paragraph, every year we write another chapter to our story.  People we see as successful have learned to rewrite their story without limitations.  They decided there is no limit to their potential and that’s what makes their story great. You need to break free. 

Here’s how to rewrite your story without limitations: 

Re-align your mission focus 
When you focus on a certain limitations, it gives you tunnel vision. Essentially, it prevents you from seeing the bigger picture or the grand mission. There is a lot of noise in the world and with distractions growing as fast as the technology, it really takes understanding your goals and eliminating the things that don’t align.      

Build confidence 
Never stop learning. Whether you are learning a new instrument, learning a different language or simply reading more, continue investing in your self-development. The more you know and understand, the greater your confidence level. A second piece to building your confidence is self-talk. This is instrumental to your confidence level. The key here is using positive affirmations about yourself. Tell yourself you can do it and it’s only a matter of time before your self-talk matches your actions. 

Think bigger 
Your goals should make you nervous and force you to the next level. Half the battle is a mental battle. Don’t lower your expectations and except the same results.  

Stop comparing yourself to others 
When you compare yourself to others, you add an unnecessary burden on your shoulders. These burdens come in the form of insecurities, discontentment, or envy and limit your perspective on the goals you create and set for yourself.    

Find and be YOU 
When you are not comparing yourself to others, you are free to be you. A lot of times, we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We downplay our abilities when we are actually powerful beyond measure when we put in the time, effort and dedication. If you know who you are then you know who you are not. If you don’t know who are you then people, circumstances and things will dictate the YOU. In the world today, there are so many things to hide behind, be it make up, filters, cars, jobs, etc.  Over time, we begin to lose ourselves and forget ourselves.  There’s freedom in being YOU.    

So I leave you with this: Step over that limitation, don’t let it stop you from moving. Forget about your past, because we all have regrets. Discipline is temporary but regret is forever. How would things be different if you didn’t allow those limitations to dictate your story? 

Deinno O’Keefe, Traveler, Digital Influencer, Soldier, and Founder of oneepiclife.org, a movement out of San Diego, CA empowering people to live epic lives. Follow Deinno O’Keefe on Instagram: www.instagram.com/deinno 

Deinno is a San Diego-based entrepreneur and life coach, with an MBA from Marywood University and having served two tours with the U.S. Army to Afghanistan.  He is the founder of One Life Epic, Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit based out of San Diego, CA designed to empower people to live mentally epic lives through concepts such as getting out of your comfort zone, being confident in your identity, overcoming fear and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.