One Epic Life is a movement. It's empowering people from all walks of life to rise above average and maximize their lives. It's about helping people break the cycle of living life beneath their full potential. It's about people empowering people and realizing that every moment matters.

E v e r y . S i n g l e . M o m e n t .

We are a movement that believes in that one person who thinks he's not good enough, or that one person who is held back by fear. We are a movement that loves people for who they are, right where they are.  We empower people to live mentally EPIC lives. What do you fear? Let's face it and overcome. Are you hiding behind a mask? Let's find you and build your confidence. Are you comfortable there? Let's shake things up a bit so you can fly again.

One Epic Life is about creating and empowering you to build a community of people that help people live epic. A community of people that love people, empower people and serve people. 

Movements are people moving together. It takes each one to reach one. It takes you to reach out and make a difference in that one life. We give you the tools and resources to discover who are you (DISCOVER), then build on your strengths and opportunities (BUILD) and finally, reach out and impact those around you (REACH).     

 Our focus is on coaching and educating in order to provide you with the tools and mindset to maximize your potential. One Epic Life unites communities and resources through volunteers and like-minded people who have a common goal, not to just live life, but to live an EPIC life.      


Come be a part of the movement and be the change in your community! 


Discover what makes you, you. What are your strengths, your weaknesses, and your opportunities? What are your goals? Let's define you.


Build and capitalize on your strengths and opportunities. Build strategies to increase self-efficacy, interpersonal skills, critical thinking and leadership development.


Engage your local community through social activities, volunteering, and serving people. Strategize ways to act as change agents in order to create community change.