Founder Deinno O'Keefe and Co-Founder, Greg Howard are dedicated to mentoring and coaching people all over the United States.  Their passion to demonstrate living epic through their own lives has allowed them to coach others to live their own epic lives. Join the movement and start living your own one epic life.”

Meet Deinno O'Keefe

Founder, One Epic Life

Founder, One Epic Life

Deinno O’Keefe is a passionate visionary and devoted business entrepreneur in San Diego, CA. With over 12 years in the U.S. Army - including two Afghanistan tours - Deinno has learned to embody the “Army Values” in his daily life - Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Since his teenage years, Deinno has traveled the world far and wide, experiencing and exploring the most interesting people and places along the way. Through these travels, Deinno has developed a deep passion to inspire and motivate people to live out their one EPIC life. 


  • Masters of Business Administration, Executive Management Marywood University 
  • Life Coach Certified 


Instagram: @deinno

Meet Greg Howard

Co-Founder, One Epic Life

Co-Founder, One Epic Life

Greg Howard is one of the top fitness trainers and life coaches in the United States. He is currently training several NFL, MLB, NBA and other professional athletes. A former collegiate athlete who has dedicated his life to mentoring youth and transforming their lives through fitness. His passion for living EPIC even through life's challenges has taught him a perspective that he is committed to teaching people so they can live EPIC.    


Bachelor of Arts in Child Development  
NASM Certified  
Life Coach Certified - With Specific Athletic Development  
Licensed Endurance Trainer

One Epic Life is a mindset. It's the life you dare to live.

It’s the life you pursue, the dreams you dare to dream, and the legacy you leave behind.

Living Epic is a life where you are the hero of your story.